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“Moxi” mule heels in fuzzy leopard
Sale price$66.95 Regular price$89.95
Y2K graphic grunge print crop top
Sale price$28.50 Regular price$42.00
2000s fingerless gloves with faux fur lining
Sale price$18.50 Regular price$40.00
Y2K ribbed leg warmers
Sale price$21.95 Regular price$28.00
2000s black baby tee with pink layered sleeves detail
Sale price$29.95 Regular price$44.00
“Spiraling” Y2K blue tights black spirals
Sale price$23.95 Regular price$35.00
Y2K pompom leg warmers
Sale price$22.85 Regular price$33.00
“Spiraling” Y2K blue tights white spirals
Sale price$23.95 Regular price$35.00
Y2K cable knit leg warmers
Sale price$22.50 Regular price$31.00
2pcs Y2K pendent hair clips
Sale price$18.50
2000s black skull cap
Sale price$28.50 Regular price$36.00
Y2K green ruched top
Sale price$38.50 Regular price$55.00
Gothic floral low rise skirt
Sale price$34.85
Y2K lace arm sleeves
Sale price$18.50 Regular price$25.00
“Alex” 2000s plaid mini dress
Sale price$28.50 Regular price$37.00
“Alex” 2000s plaid mini dress in blue
Sale price$28.50 Regular price$37.00
“Jungle” Y2K mesh 2 piece set
Sale price$32.95
“Fresh princess” 2000s button up
Sale price$27.50 Regular price$37.00
Y2K abstract mesh print cami
Sale price$28.50 Regular price$38.95
“Cross my heart” baby tee (colors available)
Sale price$23.95
“Butterfly” Y2K bootcut jeans
Sale price$49.95 Regular price$64.00
“Going 30” Y2K mini dress
Sale price$38.95
“Y2K Flower” acrylic ring
Sale price$17.95 Regular price$24.00
Y2K checkered enamel ring
Sale price$19.95 Regular price$30.00
“Disco” Y2K acrylic & crystal ring
Sale price$21.95 Regular price$32.00
Y2K 5 ring set
Sale price$24.95 Regular price$39.00
“Perfectly Cut” Y2K fitted halter top in white
Sale price$29.95 Regular price$60.00
“Perfectly Cut” Y2K fitted halter top in black
Sale price$29.95 Regular price$60.00
Y2K low rise double layered mesh plaid skirt
Sale price$32.85 Regular price$50.00
“Completely 2000s Set” diy phone case 3pc set
Sale price$28.50 Regular price$39.00
“Hawaiian flower” 2000s phone charm
Sale price$14.95 Regular price$25.00
“All heart” 2000s phone charm
Sale price$14.95 Regular price$25.00
2000s platform flip flops in green
Sale price$39.95 Regular price$79.95
2000s platform flip flops in black
Sale price$39.95 Regular price$79.95