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“Sharon” 60s rainbow knit sweater
Sale price$41.95 Regular price$62.00
“Moxi” mule heels in fuzzy leopard
Sale price$66.95 Regular price$89.95
Vintage utility jeans
Sale price$54.95 Regular price$79.00
“Iconic” Y2K bedazzled dark wash jeans
Sale price$42.50 Regular price$65.00
“Kim” low rise brown corduroy pants
Sale price$42.50 Regular price$68.00
Bedazzled 2000s graphic long sleeve top in rib gray
Sale price$28.50 Regular price$40.00
“Y2K icon” graphic ribbed long sleeve fitted top
Sale price$26.50 Regular price$40.00
2000s fitted velour tracksuit - jacket & low rise pants in pink
Sale priceFrom $38.50 Regular price$50.00
Y2K chunky platform knee high boots
Sale price$63.95 Regular price$90.00
“Mia” vintage ribbed collared top (colors available)
Sale price$34.85 Regular price$50.00
"Perfectly ruffled" milkmaid top in white
Sale price$23.95 Regular price$44.00
“Y2K icon” low rise jeans with vintage butterfly embroidery
Sale price$49.95 Regular price$80.00
90s collar detail top
Sale price$26.50 Regular price$38.00
Y2K micro skirt in cable knit with pompom detail
Sale price$32.50 Regular price$60.00
2000s fitted knit hoodie
Sale price$46.95 Regular price$57.00
Y2K butterfly led lights
Sale price$23.45 Regular price$39.00
2000s fitted velour tracksuit - jacket & low rise pants in green
Sale priceFrom $38.50 Regular price$50.00
“Alex” 2000s plaid mini dress
Sale price$28.50 Regular price$37.00
“Very cool” 80s colorblocked” top
Sale price$38.45 Regular price$55.00
Vintage rectangle sunglasses
Sale priceFrom $14.85 Regular price$26.00
Backless tie dye 90s tank
Sale price$28.50 Regular price$44.00
Y2K baby pink lace corset top
Sale price$28.50
60s it-girls graphic baby tee
Sale price$29.95
“Teddy bear” vintage brown baby tee
Sale price$34.50 Regular price$49.85
Y2K ribbed leg warmers
Sale price$21.95 Regular price$28.00
2000s fitted cable knit hoodie
Sale price$48.50 Regular price$60.00
"Iconic" micro black skirt
Sale price$23.95 Regular price$35.00
Bedazzled Y2K ribbed graphic tank top
Sale price$26.85 Regular price$38.00
Sale price$64.85 Regular price$90.00
“Sasha” Y2K beads door curtain
Sale price$29.85 Regular price$55.00
“Czarina” Y2K faux fur winter hat
Sale price$29.95 Regular price$40.00
“Y2K icon” bedazzled heart print jacket
Sale price$38.50 Regular price$59.00
Y2K butterflies fitted cami tank in black
Sale price$18.50 Regular price$34.00
2000s black skull cap
Sale price$28.50 Regular price$36.00
Y2K low rise micro jean skirt in black
Sale price$42.50 Regular price$55.00
"Spring break" ruffled top
Sale price$23.60 Regular price$36.00
Backless bandana top in leopard
Sale price$28.50
Vintage flare ribbed top in white
Sale price$24.95 Regular price$39.00
Y2K iconic low rise flared jeans in dark wash denim
Sale price$54.85 Regular price$80.00